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By: Andrew Wallace | November 23, 2017

Zoho Cliq is a new communications platform from Zoho, specifically designed for small businesses to help collaborate more efficiently.

Zoho Cliq is like a combination of chat, phone, Skype with video and forums all rolled into one.

ZOho Cliq online collaboration software

It can access your Zoho Contacts and you are presented with an immediate list of people to collaborate with. Select any of them and then opt for chat, call or video communications.

You can also share files using simple drag and drop functionality - no more emailing attachments and lengthy, confusing back and forth email communications discussing and developing files such as documents, plans or designs - just discuss them in real time.

Another feature is the 'Channels' function, which allows you to create a meeting room for a specific topic - Projects, Marketing, anything... They you can invite contacts to discuss topics about these themes simply by mentioning them in a '@' comment in the Channel. This helps to keep your comversations related to specific topics and centralised in one place.

Mobility and Flexibility

Chat and video calls can be done from anywhere, in the office, at home, or on mobile devices with the free Zoho Cliq mobile app. This is especially useful if you have partial use of Skype or certain team members do not use or have SKype on their mobile device or if Skype for Business licensing is out of your business communications budget.

Integration to Other Zoho Apps

Cliq is integrated to all major Zoho apps and collects data from them and shares it in your team channels. Get chat notifications for events like closing a deal, sending an email campaign, escalating a critical support ticket, getting invoices paid, and more.