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By: Andrew Wallace | March 22, 2017

Zoho have just rolled out enhancements to their email sharing permissions on accounts implementing the Zoho Mail Addon for Zoho CRM.

Here's a summary in brief of the new features:

  • Now, the Administrator can decide on the email sharing permission for users - previously this was a user function, so Administrators were unable to override this.
  • Email sharing can now be on specific user/role basis, which provides a far greater degree of flexibility.
  • If any domains have been excluded by individual users, these are now visible to the Administrators.
  • Domain configuration setup by an Administrator is inherited down the hierarchy to all the users for custom domains.​

The Zoho Mail addon is a great feature that allows all inbound and outbound emails to be stored/viewed from within Zoho CRM against the relevant Lead or Contact record.

With these improved levels of sharing capability this great addon for Zoho CRM will be even better!

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