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By: Andrew Wallace | October 07, 2016

We thought we would announce this small but useful enhancement on Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice, not only because it is a useful function but because we like how it demonstrates how Zoho listen to their customers and take valuable feedback on board to improve their software. 

A customer of ours one day asked whether they could - instead of including lengthy terms and conditions in an invoice template - include them as an attachment on the email that send the invoice. 

Different terms and conditions, could be attached to different email templates, rather than trying to remember to attach them when sending the invoice. 

We suggested this to Zoho and within a week, they had introduced this enhancement. 

You are now able to add attachments to the email template itself:

Attach files to email templates in Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice
Zoho Books / Zoho Invoice now allows you to attach up to 5 files per email template

These can be Terms and Conditions, standard contracts, a company introduction pack, or anything else you want to send to your customers in the quotation/invoice process. 

If you have different contracts or Terms and Conditions documents, depending on what you are selling, then you can create different email templates. 

This example is just one way that user feedback has helped to improve a Zoho product and we hope you will like this new function! 

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