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By: Allan | April 01, 2015

As many of you know we use Zoho Campaigns for our newsletters, press releases, special offers, new Zoho product announcements and updates, tips and tricks for Zoho apps. and invites to events. 

Whilst it was a sound enough email marketing tool to start with, it did have a few quirks. But over the years they have been ironed out and an enormous amount new functionality has been added.

We think it should now be the online, multi-user, email marketing solution of choice for all small businesses especially as it comes with Zoho CRM & social media integration.

With Zoho Campaigns you can create, send & track email and social media campaigns and there is an excellent in built contact manager into which you import contacts and create and reac...

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By: Andrew Wallace | April 07, 2014

To be fully compliant with email marketing regulations for anti SPAM purposes you need to allow recipients of your email marketing campaigns to be able to unsubscribe. This needs an unsubscribe form.

If you do not yet use email marketing software, which often has this built in as standard, and if you use Zoho CRM for your mass mailing, there is a useful but little known feature in Zoho CRM helps you to generate HTML code for an Unsubscribe Form.

You can use this form to provide an Unsubscribe option for your email recipients. The process to set up the form consists of three parts.

Step 1 - Generate an Unsubscribe Form

Click Setup > Website Integration > Unsubscription Form.

In the Unsubscription Form page, do...

By: Andrew Wallace | February 23, 2014

Zoho, true to their belief that small businesses should have access to affordable business software and resources, have recently announced an increase to the numbers of free emails available in Zoho Campaigns, their powerful online email marketing solution for small businesses.

Now, with an even more flexible free plan, you now get a whopping 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month – completely FREE, FOREVER.

No trial period, no small print, it’s absolutely free.

The result is that you no longer need to ‘lead count’ or be as concerned with the numbers of emails you are sending, including initial campaigns as well as follow up ‘chain campaigns’. 

If you are already a customer using the free plan then your limits wil...

By: Andrew Wallace | September 02, 2013

Tip of the Day: Zoho Campaigns online email marketing software allows you to quickly send repeat email campaigns specifically to those recipients who did not read your original campaign. Here's how.

Zoho Campaigns email marketing software comes with a powerful set of functions
Send repeat email campaigns easily

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By: Andrew Wallace | September 02, 2013

It's often a good strategy to allow users to subscribe to more than one list in a newsletter subscribe form, a kind of 'upselling' of your other email lists if you like.

Here's how to do it in Zoho Campaigns.

Click the Contacts tab, then...

Mailing list.

Select the list you want to add more options to, for example "Newsletter".

Click Sign-up form, then...

Edit form fields

Add another mailing list to this Sign-up form.

Select New Mailing list (see below).

Zoho Campaigns is an affordable online email marketing solution
Zoho Campaigns allows you to sign up for more than one list

By: John | August 10, 2013

Mobile devices are being used more and more. We do everything on them.  Receiving email is just one of the daily tasks we all do and take for granted.

Zoho Campaigns, the powerful and affordable online email marketing solution from Zoho now includes mobile friendly email templates as standard.  But what does “responsive” mean?

This means that the email, how it is formatted on the screen, the sizing of the images and placement of the content of the email, looks great on any device including tablets, smartphones and of course desktops and laptops.

The advantages with this of course are that your open rates will be much higher as people can access your emails on the go, from their mobile devices, instead of the email waiting for them ...