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By: Andrew Wallace | August 16, 2016

Zoho CRM interface updates 2016
Zoho CRM has had a completely new user interface and tonnes of new features your sales team will love!

So at long last it's here... the new user interface for Zoho CRM!

Zoho CRM has just had a complete overhaul and is now available for general usage and feedback. If you have not already noticed you will be able to switch to the new interface using the link at the top of your CRM. 

Click the link to see your CRM transformed into a fantastic new format, including new functionality, which includes:

  • Filtering by various criteria whilst still on the record list page
  • Powerful searching with on screen, interactive keyword searches
  • Better graphs on reports
  • Kanban style record displays so you can see related records whilst looking at Tasks and other information
  • Email Insights - get insight on who reads your emails, what email templates are the most popular ...

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By: Andrew Wallace | May 16, 2015

OK, so this is not a new function but is one of those features that is easy to miss so we thought we would run a quick blog about it! 

From time to time it is necessary to add tasks to your CRM that will appear as tasks in your project management software too. 

For example if you are a Project Manager with CRM access; or if a user in the CRM, perhaps a Sales Manager, is also involved in certain account management activities during a project lifecycle - you may need to track these tasks in both the CRM and the Project Management app.

It's pretty easy to do this in fact in Zoho CRM - when you add a task, simply click the Save and Add to Zoho Projects button!

Zoho CRM in integrated with Zoho Projects online project management software
Add tasks to your project direct from Zoho CRM

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By: Andrew Wallace | May 12, 2015

In running with our blog theme of offering you various Zoho 'Tips and Tricks' I though this simple, little known, but highly useful function would be well received, the Zoho Sheet View.

Picture it: You have a load of leads that you want to update on mass, you cannot use the Mass Update Leads tool though, because there is no generic rule that can be applied to mass update them, you need to go through several dozen leads and update one by one and face the ugly prospect of having to edit and save each record in turn.

But wait, why not use the Zoho Sheets View function?  "The what?", I hear you say...

Without exception every time I show new customers this feature in Zoho CRM, I am met with the sounds of 'Wow', or 'Awesome'... but in fact...

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By: Andrew Wallace | August 04, 2014

Mail merge as a function that helps sales and other staff  in your business has been around for a while and Zoho CRM has had a mail merge function for a few years, integrating its online word processor app, Zoho Writer.

However, many users in our experience seem to overlook the fact it is there and we think Zoho CRM users could certainly make better use of it, to merge data in the CRM into printable documents, which can then be mailed to leads or customers.

The mail merge feature is fully built into Zoho CRM and is available as a Zoho Writer integration and also as a Zoho CRM plug in for Microsoft Office.

Zoho Writer allows you to use a normal web browser to create and share documents online.

Zoho CRM is a fantastic small business CRM solution
Zoho CRM Mail Merge decreases time spent on mundane documentation tasks

By: Andrew Wallace | January 16, 2014

Many businesses use a website form such as a Contact Us or a Get a Quote form to engage and capture leads via the web; it is an affordable and effective means of getting new customers. Web forms can be used for special offers, newsletter signups, quotation requests and general contact requests.

Here are a few tips to make it more effective to get leads to complete your web form though, which are not very difficult to implement and well worth th time to do so.

1) Don't have too many fields and keep the form simple.

2) Provide assistance - onscreen instructions, tool tips etc. Assure people you will not share their details with spammers and provide a link to your privacy policy.

3) Add hidden fields to the web form which are not seen by th...

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By: Andrew Wallace | December 04, 2013

You may have seen lately in the 'news bulletin bar' in Zoho CRM an alert about the newest features that have been released by the Zoho CRM team. There have been quite a few - first and foremost the latest Zoho CRM releases are excellent and will definitely appeal to a wider variety of business of all sizes. In short, these are:

  • Zoho CRM territory management
  • Improvements to the existing Zoho CRM integration with social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Improved integration with Zoho Campaigns
  • Better functionality in Zoho Support, Zoho's online customer support (helpdesk) software
  • Custom modules', which allows you to create custom modules that suit any type of business

We have created a detailed article on the new functions as we feel they relate ...

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By: Andrew Wallace | November 12, 2013

In today's hyper fast, hyper connected world of mobile devices, apps and a mind boggling array of communication channels it's easy to become overloaded with communications from all of these channels, not least of all our old friend, email.

Even with the advance of so many communication apps, email client software really has not advanced all that much and, especially if you work primarily using email, then keeping it all organised can rapidly turn into a nightmare.

Add to this the fact that staff come and go and may well not keep all their client emails logged in a central location and you can see how easy it is to lose critical communications.

As a result we're seeing an increase in the number of requests to record client email communications...

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By: Andrew Wallace | September 27, 2013

Improved Reporting Means Better Sales Performance Information and Sales Visibility

One of the primary advantages of cloud CRM software is that it allows you to build and access data anytime, anywhere. There is one centralised version of your sales data and performance information that is available to all relevant sales people and stakeholders.

Zoho CRM is an award winning online CRM solution for small businesses and it too is hosted in the cloud, which means you and your sales team can access it at any time via the internet and a browser.  The main advantage Zoho CRM has over other CRM solutions however is that it is extremely competitively priced with flexible monthly licensing and license fees that are focused on small businesses, star...

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By: Allan | September 03, 2013

The new app from Zoho, the Zoho CRM business card scanner, snaps a business card and then automatically senses the information on the acrd and imports that directly into Zoho CRM.

The app can recognise business cards in English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish and also the contacts' addresses are automatically located on the Google Maps app.

Zoho CRM is an online mobile CRM solution
Scan leads directly to your CRM with the new mobile app

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