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By: Andrew Wallace | November 28, 2016

The old and well known user interface of Zoho CRM is set to be phased out soon - 15th December 2016 to be exact - which means the new UI will be rolled out in its entirety from that time.

You may well have been using the new UI for some time - if not, it's great! 

Enhancements include many new features and enhancements such as improved screen layout/design, faster searching and filtering, check-in functions and improved reporting and dashboards.

However, if you have not yet seen it here is a 30 minute webinar from Zoho on what the new UI is and what you can expect:

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By: Andrew Wallace | November 04, 2016

In their recent article the well known and widely trusted tech/app comparison website 'GetApp' recently reported how Zoho Recruit had come in third place in a review of a variety of recruitment applicant tracking software apps.

Software was assessed on such things as user reviews, as well as integration capability to other apps, mobile app availability, media presence and security. The software was assessed from an independent and unbiased viewpoint and each score given was independent of any commercial interests or any relationship that the software has with GetApp.

Click the link below for:

GetApp's review of Zoho Recruit.

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By: Andrew Wallace | June 29, 2016

I received a newsletter this morning from Evernote, that I have been using for several years, which prompted me to wrote a blog about the comparison between the popular note management app and a relatively new app from Zoho called Zoho Notebook.

In truth, I think Evernote is great. Clean and easy to use, great functions, ample free storage/usage, desktop and mobile app... I must admit I did dabble with Zoho's note management app for a while when it was first released but found it too basic in comparison and as I had been using Evernote for years, I opted to stay with it.

That was until this morning.

As a Basic (free) version user I have just been informed by Evernote of changes to their Basic version, which states in 30 days time they will be ...

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By: Patty | April 14, 2016

We are please to announce that Zoho Projects have increased the storage space for all the paid plans in Zoho Projects.

Current Storage Space:

Express - 5 GB
Premium - 15 GB
Enterprise - 30 GB

New Storage Space:

Express - 10 GB
Premium & Enterprise - 100 GB

This will give even more space to store project related documentation as well as larger files such as audio and video, screen captures and more.

Zoho Projects is a powerful online project management solution that can be used in all kinds of business verticals, from software design to marketing, to construction.

Click here for more details on Zoho Projects project management software.

Contact us for more information.

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By: Andrew Wallace | November 13, 2015

Here is the latest from Zoho on the recent cyber attacks:

UPDATE: 0800 pacific time, Nov 12

All Zoho services are now functioning  normally. We have performed many upgrades and are monitoring carefully. We’ll make a detailed statement soon.

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By: Andrew Wallace | November 11, 2015

Live updates on the DDOS attack on Zoho services can be seen here.

We will also be announcing any updates as we receive them from Zoho - please also follow us on Twitter using this tag @mangohocloud or access our Twitter page, here.

You can also follow Zoho's Twitter updates directly via @zoho, or their Twitter page, here.

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By: Patty | November 10, 2015

Zoho offer their sincerest apologies for the recent disruptions to their services.

The intermittent connections issues you may have faced are due to a "DDOS attack" by cyber hackers who at this stage remain unknown but is well described what this is exactly, in Zoho's own words:

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By: Allan | February 04, 2015

Zoho applications in the UK
Zoho and helping UK businessess.

Zoho after ten years.

If you are a follower of our blogs you will know that we normally try our best to cover a topic in as much detail as possible in a short blog.

For a change and in celebration of Zoho’s first product launches ten years ago we thought that we would mainly use images in this blog and demonstrate the power of images and Zoho facts rather than our usual blog style.

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By: Andrew Wallace | December 12, 2014

Zoho experienced a glitch in their online services this morning.... a 'Zoho Glitch', also known for the sake of this blog as a 'Zlitch'!

Luckily it was not for long and thanks to a rapid reaction from the Zoho team as well as great support via social channels such as Twitter, the services were up and running again in less than an hour.

That said, we couldn’t help but notice quite a few complaints on Twitter!

One might ask 'Does it really impact your business if you are offline for one hour?' Probably not, if we are honest with ourselves, but we can also appreciate that in this day and age of world wide web connectivity we have come to expect our cloud services to be permanently up and running and therefore cloud provi...

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By: Andrew Wallace | October 13, 2014

We're pleased to announce we've just launched the live site of our first Welsh home run business, using Zoho Sites website content management software as their website management system.

Annie Robina's Glass Designs is a home run business based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. Annie runs courses in glass fusion design and stained glass design work, as well as taking commissions and repair work on glass artwork.

She needed a simple website to explain what she does and to display her work, but also to help people contact her and channel enquiries into a centralised location. 

Most of all, she needed it on a budget that was affordable for her home business!

Zoho Sites is affordable online website content management software
By using one of the Zoho Sites templates Annie was able to get her website up and running in days

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By: Andrew Wallace | August 15, 2014

We're proud to announce that Mangoho are now Zoho CRM Certified Consultants!

The Zoho CRM Certified Consultant program is designed to highlight certain partners who have demonstrated a high level of skill and knowledge in implementing a variety of Zoho online business solutions.

This ensures they have the required expertise to successfully implement your CRM project from conception to completion, as professionally and cost effectively as possible.

Click here to see our Zoho CRM Certified Consultant profile.

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By: Andrew Wallace | April 23, 2014

Due to changes in the LinkedIn API the long running integration between Zoho CRM and LinkedIn will be discontinued, Zoho Reported in their own blog dated 23rd April 2014.

LinkedIn have, for now at any rate, chosen only to partner with MS Dynamics and Salesforce in terms of allowing these CRM systems to integrate to LinkedIn.

This will be a real blow to those Zoho CRM users, who are active on LinkedIn as it no longer means they will be able to interact with their LinkedIn connections from within Zoho CRM.

Rest assured Zoho are as disappointed as you are about this decision by LinkedIn and are working with them to try to include Zoho CRM on the LinkedIn partner list; we'll keep you informed!

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