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By: Allan | April 25, 2015

Just a short blog to describe a feature that has been around almost for a couple of years now, but many people do not seem to be aware of.

Zoho CRM voice note recorder app.

By: Allan | January 29, 2015

Most of us that develop surveys generally come up with well-presented and professional looking surveys.

But how many of us know that branding, and in particular how trustworthy your survey looks, has a direct effect on your response rates.

Here we provide you with some advice on what you can do to improve your survey’s image using your own branding. 

Develop a brief appropriate introduction.

An introduction is essential to obtain your company’s recognition by your respondents and to also inform what the aims of the survey are and how it relates to your company’s business. 

Add your company logo.

It is essential that you insert your organization’s logo, and company name, in your survey.

But sometimes your logo does not properly represent what your...

By: Andrew Wallace | January 08, 2015

Zoho Contact Manager is highly affordable yet powerful contact management software
Quick and easy contact management software for micro businesses

It's often the case that a micro business with just 1-3 people involved may not want to splash out on a CRM solution until they are sure it will be worthwhile.

Zoho Contact Manager is a kind of 'slimmed down' CRM tool that is specifically aimed at micro businesses such as sole traders or home business and it allows owners to manage contacts, tasks, notes, emails and more in a centralised location, using the internet and a browser, with no need for software download or installation.

By: Andrew Wallace | January 03, 2015

Zoho business software is perfectly suited to construction businesses
Integrated Zoho office software for the construction industry

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By: Andrew Wallace | August 19, 2014

There is often some confusion about the well used phrase 'Autoresponders'.

Whilst an automated response  to a new lead enquiry say from your website is an 'auto response', it is not really the same as an 'auto responder'.

Autoresponders are basically a sequence of pre formatted emails that can be sent to leads or contacts over a stipulated period of time.

The emails can pull personalised information such as name, company name, potential sale information and other fields if you use a CRM system to store such information.

The autoresponder function in Zoho CRM for example, allows you to automate marketing efforts to help streamline the process of sending series of personalised email messages at predefined intervals to leads and contacts.


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By: Andrew Wallace | August 09, 2014

I love the cloud!  Just this morning I was hard at it attending the UK government HMRC's small business webinars... designed to impart useful tips and tricks to the small business owner... from the comfort of my own garden!  

Using GoTo Webinar / GoTo Training / GoTo Meeting, attendees numbering to potentially thousands can login from any location in the world and attend your webinar, gain knowledge, take part in polls and more.   

Mangoho also use GoTo Training and GoTo Meeting for training and meetings online and deliver professional Zoho training courses online this way, to customers in the UK and overseas.  

For more information, please contact us here.

Mangoho are cloud software providers in UK - Zoho UK partners
It's a tough life, but someone has to do it...

By: Andrew Wallace | February 11, 2014

We’d like to draw your attention to a really cool, but perhaps little known function in Zoho CRM called ‘BCC Dropbox'.

It has nothing to do with Dropbox, the document management/sharing app, but rather is a neat function to bcc a unique email address, which then gets inserted into Zoho CRM against the relevant lead or customer record.

The BCC Dropbox feature works with any email client such as Outlook, Lotus Notes etc., or when using webmail.  

Simply put the BCC Dropbox email address into the BCC field when composing an email and click send, and BINGO! the email appears in Zoho CRM against the relevant lead or contact record, recorded neatly as an outgoing email.

This means you can continue to use external email engines to send emai...

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By: Andrew Wallace | January 25, 2014

We're please to announce we have just had our first magazine article published in a regional magazine here in (not) so sunny Wales!

Abergavenny Focus published our "Cloud Computing for Small Medium Businesses" article in their latest edition. Our initial aim was to basically explain what cloud computing is, avoiding the techno jargon that many people in the segment we're targeting simply don't understand or don't have time for.

The article details how cloud computing can offer more flexibility to small business compared with traditional, on premise hardware and software that is installed on PCs/laptops and how it can greatly reduce IT budget requirements, whether you are a home business, sole trader simply creating invoices in MS Word and se...

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By: John | August 30, 2013

I have a lot of mates who are self employed guys involved in physical types of work that often involve travel to various places around the country to scope and carry out the work. From tree surgery, to auto retrofitting, to contract labouring, plumbing, electrical, painting, onsite building work. You name it, there are no limits.

Those of you reading this and indeed the people working in these industries themselves might think there is no place for cloud software solutions in those sort of rugged, outdoor types of jobs. "I don't need that mate... just get in and do the job innit?"!

Well yes... and no... You can do the business side of things more efficiently by using technology to automate some of the more laboriious processes, saving time w...

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