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By: Allan | April 30, 2015

Subscribers to Zoho Support, the help desk software that assists your after sales support operation to be more organized and resourceful, now have the ability to integrate their customers’ portal to Google Analytics. 

And what that means is that Zoho Support subscribers will better understand how their help centre is being used. 

Just in case you don’t know about Google Analytics it is a free application that analyzes website traffic. 

And what that means is that you can review significant information on your visitors’ trends and their behavior at your website. 

And by understanding more about what the customers that you support through their portal you can discover what is working what may need improving.

Here is some of the information that is...

By: Allan | April 30, 2015

Zoho Books administrators can now introduce improved role based access for their users by refining what their external users, e.g. customers and accountants, and also their accounting team members can access.

So for example you could set up roles for supplier & purchases access only, sales access only, external accountant access only, customer access only, e.g. view only invoices and cash payments, and reports only access. 

The following screen prints demonstrates the improved role based access.

Zoho Books and improved user role access

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By: Allan | April 25, 2015

Just a short blog to describe a feature that has been around almost for a couple of years now, but many people do not seem to be aware of.

Zoho CRM voice note recorder app.

By: Allan | April 17, 2015

Zoho have recently announced the online Zoho Expense tracker application that has been designed to save sales execs time when tracking their client related expenses.

Zoho Expense tracking and expense reporting application

By: Allan | April 01, 2015

As many of you know we use Zoho Campaigns for our newsletters, press releases, special offers, new Zoho product announcements and updates, tips and tricks for Zoho apps. and invites to events. 

Whilst it was a sound enough email marketing tool to start with, it did have a few quirks. But over the years they have been ironed out and an enormous amount new functionality has been added.

We think it should now be the online, multi-user, email marketing solution of choice for all small businesses especially as it comes with Zoho CRM & social media integration.

With Zoho Campaigns you can create, send & track email and social media campaigns and there is an excellent in built contact manager into which you import contacts and create and reac...

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By: Allan | March 26, 2015

I was going to develop the title with “new and easier” and if you are an existing Zoho Projects user you will know what I mean.

Without going into any details all I will say was that document management in Zoho Projects was clunky and leave it at that! 

Now we have an authentic, real deal document management application built into Zoho Projects. And it is powered by Zoho Docs.

Document management in Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects now has a full blown document management module

By: Allan | March 17, 2015

We recently announced the UK version of Zoho Books and we thought that CPAs in South Wales would want know more about the UK features: 

  • Collect and record VAT on transactions.
  • Send ‘HMRC’ compliant VAT invoices to customers.
  • Track sales made to EU customers.
  • Accept online payment from customers.
  • Automatically import bank transactions.
  • Generate VAT returns with ease.
  • Apply the new VAT rule for sale of digital services.

And then add in that we will provide you with the resources and tools to help you talk to your customers, and, importantly, support your customers. 

Add in that we are locally based in South Wales and then add in the cost of only just over £160 a year and you will be a super star to the clients in your practice. 

Yes, for just over £160...

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By: Allan | February 11, 2015

Zoho Books is an outstanding online accounting application for small business owners and freelancers.

And the really astute people at Zoho Corp. have recently released Zoho Books, UK edition.

Zoho Books UK accounting application for small businesses.
Zoho Books now has a UK edition

By: Allan | February 04, 2015

Zoho applications in the UK
Zoho and helping UK businessess.

Zoho after ten years.

If you are a follower of our blogs you will know that we normally try our best to cover a topic in as much detail as possible in a short blog.

For a change and in celebration of Zoho’s first product launches ten years ago we thought that we would mainly use images in this blog and demonstrate the power of images and Zoho facts rather than our usual blog style.

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By: Allan | January 29, 2015

From day one at Mangoho we have been using Zoho Projects for both for our internal tasks and projects and our customer’ projects. 

Indeed all of the planning behind the launch of our company was managed by Zoho projects. 

Take a quick tour with this video before we look at some of the new features.

By: Allan | January 29, 2015

Most of us that develop surveys generally come up with well-presented and professional looking surveys.

But how many of us know that branding, and in particular how trustworthy your survey looks, has a direct effect on your response rates.

Here we provide you with some advice on what you can do to improve your survey’s image using your own branding. 

Develop a brief appropriate introduction.

An introduction is essential to obtain your company’s recognition by your respondents and to also inform what the aims of the survey are and how it relates to your company’s business. 

Add your company logo.

It is essential that you insert your organization’s logo, and company name, in your survey.

But sometimes your logo does not properly represent what your...

By: Allan | January 09, 2015

Can you easily find all of your important company documents that you need to effectively manage and run your business?

Many companies tell us they are still storing critical documents on desktop computers, email attachments, various network drives and even on USB drives.

And yet the same companies also very often tell us they are concerned about data privacy and data security.

Our answer to them is always the same; we recommend the centralized document management application, Zoho Docs, which provides for:

  • Version control to stop issues using the incorrect wrong version of a document.
  • Quick and easy access to save time spent searching for the documents. 
  • Access from anywhere at any time and using different devices. 
  • Improved management...

By: Allan | October 30, 2014

At Mangoho we are always excited about all things customer relationship management and when Zoho extend further Zoho CRM’s capabilities we get exceptionally excited.

Indeed many of the new enhancements are both innovative and creative and extend out the CRM’s footprint to capture more information about prospects and customers’ needs and wants.

And we can clearly see how Zoho CRM is embracing as much customer data as possible into one location which means that it is much easier for users to engage and interact with their customers in more advanced and imaginative ways.

The Zoho CRM Enhancements:

Zoho CRM integration with Google Adwords & Adgroups

This Zoho CRM integration records the impression, click, and cost information into Zoho CRM and ...

By: Allan | October 10, 2014

Until a few years ago building websites required a lot of HTML & CSS page building and editing technical knowledge.

Jump forward to today and there are many excellent Website Content Management Systems (WCMS) to select from that make building and publishing websites much easier.

Note the term “much easier”.

Whilst WCMS suppliers push hard that no technical expertise is required and that it is so easy to develop, or redevelop, your own company website, do you, as a small business owner, really have the time, inclination, and the design skills, to do so?

At Mangoho, the official Zoho partner for Wales, we think that your time would be better spent developing new customers and increasing the loyalty of your existing ones, and leave the develo...

By: Allan | September 13, 2013

A new Community module has been released to be included in all versions of the Zoho Support online helpdesk solution.

What's it for?

Well, you've all no doubt used discussion forums of some sort, this is the community feature in Zoho Support - the aim being of course that many heads are better than one, and information sharing and collaboration is a powerful means to solve support issues.

It also means that you no longer need to use a separate forums solution like Zoho Forums to create that community feeling for your support clients. It used to be a paid addon, but now you can do so from directly within Zoho Support, providing your end users, ie. your clients with an online discussion platform that they can use to discuss support matters wit...

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By: Allan | September 03, 2013

The new app from Zoho, the Zoho CRM business card scanner, snaps a business card and then automatically senses the information on the acrd and imports that directly into Zoho CRM.

The app can recognise business cards in English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish and also the contacts' addresses are automatically located on the Google Maps app.

Zoho CRM is an online mobile CRM solution
Scan leads directly to your CRM with the new mobile app

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By: Allan | September 02, 2013

Zoho Projects, the online project tracking and management tool is moving closer to becoming a true Project Manager friendly tool that can be used in Agile & Scrum project management methodologies with its integration with Zoho Reports.

We're in discussions with Zoho on this now, finding out just what integration functions this will provide but based on the powerful feature set of the Zoho CRM integration we are assuming that it will provide measurement of all sorts of metrics from project effort, resource management and more.

For example, this article in Wikipedia shows how such reporting can be used to show a graphical representation of work left over time. Click here to view.

And with the awesome interactive drill down functions that are...

By: Allan | September 02, 2013

Zoho recently released a new cloud business software solution, Zoho Survey, a simple and affordable online survey software solution.

Zoho Survey can be used by any kind or size business due to its intuitive interface and easy to use functions. This online survey software can be used to to help assess client opinion or feedback and also marketing can make use of it to improve products / services, or simply just to engage with their customers.

Types of surveys that you can do are, for example (but not limited to!)

  • Customer feedback
  • Job rating 
  • Product feedback and development 
  • Ways to improve your business
  • Staff feedback on work programs or office process
  • And so on, endless possibilities!

Zoho Survey also comes with numerous inbuilt survey ...