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By: Andrew Wallace | September 19, 2018

Zoho Desk, the online helpdesk solution from Zoho, now has a timer function where support agents can either manually or automatically time the work taken to do customer support tickets.

Zoho Desk online helpdesk software
Zoho Desk timer function allows support agents to accurately time support work

By: Andrew Wallace | May 04, 2018

Zoho CRM has a very nice new feature called 'Canvas', which allows you to design they way you see your data in an intuitive and easy to use drag and drop interface.

Say for example, you have a CRM containing a list of customers - most of us do! - you can design the customer list view and also the custom single display view to include the image and fields in the exact way you choose. Before that the layout design was quite basic and consisted of one of two column fields in sections down the page.

On top of that you can add icons and colours to fields and text, to make it a truly customised design.

Once you have finalised your design you can add buttons and functions as well as titles and this applies to all of the modules in the CRM.

Once done p...

By: Andrew Wallace | May 03, 2018

Zoho have released their latest online business solution for event management companies, Zoho BackStage.

Zoho BackStage offers a complete event management tool, online, allowing you to manage large-scale events such as conferences, trade shows, product launches, and more.

Zoho Backstage event management app
Zoho BackStage is an online event management solution for small businesses

By: Andrew Wallace | April 04, 2018

Plan. Prioritise. Reiterate.

Zoho Sprints is a new project management tool from Zoho specifically deigned for use with teams following the Agile project management methodology.

Zoho Sprints is designed in such a way that it enables a team to remain open to changes to the project by using the so-called 'scrum process'.

Zoho Sprints is designed to eliminate the heavy processes and clunky user interfaces often associated with complex change process in for example waterfall type projects.

By: Andrew Wallace | March 29, 2018

Zoho Desk (formerly known as Zoho Support), the powerful and affordable online helpdesk solution by Zoho, has had a facelift recently, with numerous enhancements to the user interface.

The first of these, and the most obvious, is the menu structure, which now lists the main modules - Tickets, Knowledgebase, Customers, Reports - across the top of the screen, making it far easier to jump between the modules.

Zoho Desk is an online helpdesk app for small businesses

By: Andrew Wallace | March 27, 2018

Don't waste time publishing announcements or blogs to several social channels over and over, use Zoho Social and publish to multiple channels at once, from one location, including scheduled posts and much more.

Now Post to Instagram Directly!

Zoho Social now allows you to post directly to Instragram as well as the pother popular channels, perfect for those who like to use this vibrant and dynamic image posting social channel.

By: Andrew Wallace | November 23, 2017

Zoho Cliq is a new communications platform from Zoho, specifically designed for small businesses to help collaborate more efficiently.

Zoho Cliq is like a combination of chat, phone, Skype with video and forums all rolled into one.

ZOho Cliq online collaboration software

By: Andrew Wallace | November 15, 2017

Do you have a business and use social media to make customer announcements or push product information, discounts or services?

There are many social channels now of course and if you have more than one social channel in place, managing all of them can rapidly turn into an administrative nightmare.

Zoho Social is an online social marketing platform, which allows you to manage all of your business's social marketing initiatives from one place.

By: Andrew Wallace | November 14, 2017

In the second of our 'how to' blogs for setting up Outlook and Zoho Mail, we will deal with IMAP setup.

Zoho Mail is an all encompassing business email software platform from Zoho that integrates to many other Zoho office apps.

Zoho have created the video below to show how to setup Outlook with Zoho Mail under an IMAP based account.

By: Andrew Wallace | November 10, 2017

Zoho Mail is a business email app from Zoho that offers a full suite of email functionality and more, such as calendaring, tasks, contact management, notes and bookmarks and 'night mode' for you night owls out there who like to check your email at night!

In addition, Zoho Mail offers nifty streaming functions including @mentions to team members to draw their attention to emails you may want to share, instead of forwarding them around in confusing internal email loops.

The best part is that Zoho Mail integrates to Zoho CRM in a two way email synch so that you can see inbound and outbound emails with all of your leads and contacts.

One common question we get is how to set it up with Outlook. Of course we offer this service as part of our Zoho M...

By: Andrew Wallace | November 01, 2017

Getting the right business information at the right time, quickly and efficiently often presents a problem, especially when you are out of the office.

Not any more.  Introducing the new Zoho Reports mobile app enhanced features.

Zoho Reports is the powerful online business intelligence (BI) app from Zoho that can integrate to Zoho CRM or the Zoho Finance suite and provides a robust platform to slice and dice data in a wide variety of formats, from tables, charts, reports, dashboards, pivots and more.

It also allows you to import data from many other sources, not just Zoho office solutions: xls, csv, html, cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, external SQL databases, cloud databases and more. The  possibilities are endless an...

By: Andrew Wallace | October 26, 2017

Zoho have released their latest app for small businesses helping them work more effectively online.

Zoho Sign is an online document signing / e-sign app that can be integrated to other Zoho services, such as Zoho CRM or Zoho People, the online HR management solution.

Zoho Sign electronic document signing software
Send a document for signing directly from a CRM Contact record

By: Andrew Wallace | October 26, 2017

We are proud to have setup a new website for a local professional bike fitting service in Saundersfoot,Wales: Rothery Bike Fit.

Co-Founders John Rothery and David Francis wanted to create a business that really serves what local athletes need, and one which is backed up by science and know how of the world's top cyclists.

Zoho Sites website for bike fitting service
Rothery Bike Fit meets the demands of a growing market

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By: Andrew Wallace | August 23, 2017

Mangoho are proud to have helped setup the business software infrastructure for a local sea swimming business in Pembroke, Swim Pembrokeshire.

Swim Pembrokeshire is run by a couple of local lads who have a passion for the outdoors and marine environment and who are both pool and open water qualified coaches. Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful parts of Wales and boasts the only marine coastal park in the UK, with hundreds of miles of pristine and wild coastline, cliffs and beautiful beaches.

Sea swimming is becoming hugely popular and Swim Pembrokeshire already has a following of hardy sea swimmers who all meet every week and swim the local bays and beaches as well train to compete in many local and national sea swimming and triathlon...

By: Andrew Wallace | June 01, 2017

Zoho CRM Enterprise level CRM has a new feature called 'Blueprint', which is a function that allows you to replicate well defined business processes within Zoho CRM software, in order to improve business process, staff compliance and efficiency.

We've seen this sort of function in SageCRM for example, which allows you to replicate workflow in the form of flow diagrams on screen, which sounds cool but came with a price tag to match, which is way out of the budget of the average small to medium business.

This feature is vailable on the Enterprise license. This sort of advanced, enterprise level feature set really places Zoho CRM up there with the 'big boys' and provides a hugely scaleable platform for enterpise level CRM. Check out the excellen...

By: Andrew Wallace | May 11, 2017

Zoho Docs is an online document management system that allows businesses to securely store all of their documentation in one central place without the need for expensive hardware or software. It does this by storing the documents in the cloud using the Zoho's secure online platform, you do not need any hardware or software or any IT team to set it up, which makes it very attractive to small businesses.

Document Management app Zoho Docs from Zoho for small businesses
Zoho Docs document storage and version tracking functionality is perfect for the healthcare industry

By: Andrew Wallace | May 09, 2017

The Zoho suite of small business software comprises over 25 apps, from CRM to email marketing; from Recruitment to Accounting.

Another little known but great online business app is Zoho Meeting, which is Zoho's cloud based online meeting software.

We're all well used to or at least getting used to using Skype to communicate for day-to-day business matters, but Skype is primarily a 1-1 video tool and in our experience tends to struggle on group video calling; plus it is not designed for example to host online webinars that require registration and also presentation control.

Zoho Meeting Functions

By: Andrew Wallace | April 27, 2017

So it's been a few weeks now since Zoho CRM released their latest feature set to the Enterprise edition, so we thought we'd give a quick review of them to summarise what they're about and give our input on having used them.


By: Andrew Wallace | March 22, 2017

Zoho have just rolled out enhancements to their email sharing permissions on accounts implementing the Zoho Mail Addon for Zoho CRM.

Here's a summary in brief of the new features:

  • Now, the Administrator can decide on the email sharing permission for users - previously this was a user function, so Administrators were unable to override this.
  • Email sharing can now be on specific user/role basis, which provides a far greater degree of flexibility.
  • If any domains have been excluded by individual users, these are now visible to the Administrators.
  • Domain configuration setup by an Administrator is inherited down the hierarchy to all the users for custom domains.​

The Zoho Mail addon is a great feature that allows all inbound and outbound emails to be s...

By: Andrew Wallace | March 18, 2017

Zoho Projects, the online project management solution for businesses, has recently had a complete user interface overhaul.

With new functions, new look and an overall welcome improvement, you can read more about the new look to Zoho Projects in our other blog post, here.

The Zoho Projects team have been very busy though.... and have just released a new and improved app for iPad and Android devices!

Zoho Projects mobile app for iPad and Android