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By: John | November 16, 2013

In 2011 took over the project management solution from Manymoon for an estimated US$25-US$35 million, and proceeded to rename it

Last week however, just 2 years later, they announced that will soon be discontinued.

Rather than buying up new startup businesses and trying to integrate them into a core product, Zoho prefer to build their apps in house, by taking on board their customer comments and designing software that integrates seamlessly.

Since 2011 Zoho Projects online project management software has been growing and growing and is now packed full of feastures as well as getting the mobile app aas a standard free addition to all subscribers, allowing you to effectively manage projects from your mobile device.

Zoho Projects is an online project management solution for small businesses
Feel the love, with Zoho Projects

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By: John | August 30, 2013

I have a lot of mates who are self employed guys involved in physical types of work that often involve travel to various places around the country to scope and carry out the work. From tree surgery, to auto retrofitting, to contract labouring, plumbing, electrical, painting, onsite building work. You name it, there are no limits.

Those of you reading this and indeed the people working in these industries themselves might think there is no place for cloud software solutions in those sort of rugged, outdoor types of jobs. "I don't need that mate... just get in and do the job innit?"!

Well yes... and no... You can do the business side of things more efficiently by using technology to automate some of the more laboriious processes, saving time w...

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By: John | August 14, 2013

Zoho have just released a new "blog summary" feature in Zoho Sites, the online website CMS (content management system) and cloud hosting solution.

From what we see you are now able to set whether you want to have the blog summary on or off in Blog Settings section.

Zoho Sites - website and hosting services for small businesses in UK
Zoho Sites is an affordable online website content management solution

By: John | August 10, 2013

Mobile devices are being used more and more. We do everything on them.  Receiving email is just one of the daily tasks we all do and take for granted.

Zoho Campaigns, the powerful and affordable online email marketing solution from Zoho now includes mobile friendly email templates as standard.  But what does “responsive” mean?

This means that the email, how it is formatted on the screen, the sizing of the images and placement of the content of the email, looks great on any device including tablets, smartphones and of course desktops and laptops.

The advantages with this of course are that your open rates will be much higher as people can access your emails on the go, from their mobile devices, instead of the email waiting for them ...

By: John | August 10, 2013

Zoho People, the affordable and easy to use online HR solution from Zoho now allows users to save draft data when adding records in forms.

What use is this I hear you say? 

Well, in all of our implementations of Zoho People one of the first things the users ask is "Can I save this and come back to it later?"  This is especially the case on the longer forms such as adding monthly expenses, where they may have a stack of receipts to get through. Or, it can take a number of sessions to complete an employee record as you might not know all the details.

So, from now, yes you can!

Zoho People has extensive employee management features and is a perfect online HR management solution for small businesses wishing to expand and manage their h...

By: John | July 14, 2013

Zoho Reports is a powerful online business Intelligence (BI) reporting solution that allows managers of businesses visibility into their business data and create intuitive  reports, charts and management dashboards so they can make better business decisions from more accurate data.

Zoho Reports allows you to create and share very impressive reports without and hardware, software or IT assistance.

Zoho have created this "How to Get Started with Zoho Reports" video guide and we are happy to share it with you!

By: John | January 25, 2013

Zoho Sites is an online (cloud) based CMS, or Content Management System for websites.  Zoho's latest online business tool is possibly the easiest CMS we have come across and maybe the easiest on the market!

It comes with a selection of approximately 20+ templates and we're told this will be grown in the future. It has an easy to read interface and intuitive drag and drop functions. Zoho Sites allows you to create an attractive personal or business related websites in literally minutes.

We thoroughly recommend this tool for individuals or businesses looking to create simple, affordable websites that look good and perform well and that are easy to maintain.

The average small-medium business needs to factor in costs of course, so the best pa...

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