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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you responsible for Zoho software and data security?

No. We are Zoho partners but we do not have anything to do with Zoho app development or data security. We are able to liaise with Zoho and suggest improvements and we often do this on behalf of our clients. We can provide details of status of software and plans for future releases as well as data security measures in place at Zoho.

Do Mangoho mark up Zoho license pricing?

Absolutely not. We believe in total visibility into license pricing and license costs are clearly visible on all Zoho websites. We actually recommend you pay directly to Zoho for your licenses using the easy online payment functions on Zoho apps in order to maintain maximum flexibility and complete license ownership.

Why do you list license costs in USD?

Zoho list license pricing in USD.  We have attempted to translate this into GBP throughout our website and will do so for you during consultations. The exact exchange rate may differ slightly on the day of purchase.

How do I pay for licenses?

It is possible to bundle this into the costs of an implementation and licenses together and arrange licenses though us, however we do recommend that clients pay for licenses directly to Zoho, online, using the easy payment options available in all Zoho Apps.  The reason for this is that it provides a far more flexible option for you and you can upgrade/downgrade as you like at any time, without having to come through a Zoho Partner to do so. Zoho does not employ vendor lock-in strategies used by other cloud service providers (you can pay month by month) and our goal is that Zoho clients have total flexibility, visibility and ownership of their license payments.

Can I remove users if I do not need them, to save license costs?

Depending on the app that you are using it is possible to remove users if they are no longer required. Some apps are not based on the numbers of users however, so this would not be applicable for these apps, for example Zoho Projects, however in this case you are still able to 'downgrade' at any time on these apps, simply by selecting a lower plan. The change will be affected at the end of your billing cycle.

Is my data secure if I run Zoho apps in the cloud?

Yes.  Cloud services data security is extremely secure and Zoho employ numerous world class data security measures. For more information we recommend you read this page.

Do you offer discounts on license costs?

Depending on the software there are discounts for 12 month advance purchase. Typically this is in the region of 10%.

What should I do if I find a bug or have a question?

If you opt to work with Mangoho you can direct all issues to us. As a valued customer you will be added to our online HelpDesk and can submit issues via email or via the HelpDesk web ticket form. We will then address the issue and this includes liaising with Zoho.

Where are Mangoho and Zoho based?

Mangoho are based in UK, Zoho are based in US with development teams in India. They also have several data centres around the world.

How does cloud software work?

Cloud software means that a 'software as a service' provider company actually provides all of the hardware and software for you, including the servers, the security, the backup processes and so on. All you need to use it is an internet connection. You pay a subscriber fee to use their services. For more information please click the following links for more information cloud benefits  |  cloud security  |  cloud integration  |  green computing..

If I host my business software and data with Zoho, do they own my data?

No. You will always have complete ownership. Zoho staff cannot even see your data without your permission. There are strict, world class security measures in place too, for more information click here.

Can I backup and download my own data?

Absolutely. Zoho software has export functions allowing you to export data to various formats and on solutions such as Zoho CRM there are also paid data dump features that can be used to dump your entire database into an SQL format. Our partners Zoho and BigCommerce do not own your data in any way.