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By: Andrew Wallace | June 01, 2017

Zoho CRM Enterprise level CRM has a new feature called 'Blueprint', which is a function that allows you to replicate well defined business processes within Zoho CRM software, in order to improve business process, staff compliance and efficiency.

We've seen this sort of function in SageCRM for example, which allows you to replicate workflow in the form of flow diagrams on screen, which sounds cool but came with a price tag to match, which is way out of the budget of the average small to medium business.

This feature is vailable on the Enterprise license. This sort of advanced, enterprise level feature set really places Zoho CRM up there with the 'big boys' and provides a hugely scaleable platform for enterpise level CRM. Check out the excellen...

By: Andrew Wallace | May 09, 2017

The Zoho suite of small business software comprises over 25 apps, from CRM to email marketing; from Recruitment to Accounting.

Another little known but great online business app is Zoho Meeting, which is Zoho's cloud based online meeting software.

We're all well used to or at least getting used to using Skype to communicate for day-to-day business matters, but Skype is primarily a 1-1 video tool and in our experience tends to struggle on group video calling; plus it is not designed for example to host online webinars that require registration and also presentation control.

Zoho Meeting Functions

By: Andrew Wallace | April 27, 2017

So it's been a few weeks now since Zoho CRM released their latest feature set to the Enterprise edition, so we thought we'd give a quick review of them to summarise what they're about and give our input on having used them.


By: Andrew Wallace | March 22, 2017

Zoho have just rolled out enhancements to their email sharing permissions on accounts implementing the Zoho Mail Addon for Zoho CRM.

Here's a summary in brief of the new features:

  • Now, the Administrator can decide on the email sharing permission for users - previously this was a user function, so Administrators were unable to override this.
  • Email sharing can now be on specific user/role basis, which provides a far greater degree of flexibility.
  • If any domains have been excluded by individual users, these are now visible to the Administrators.
  • Domain configuration setup by an Administrator is inherited down the hierarchy to all the users for custom domains.​

The Zoho Mail addon is a great feature that allows all inbound and outbound emails to be s...

By: Andrew Wallace | March 06, 2017

Zoho have just released 'Zoho CalSync', which is a free app for Android devices that synchs your Zoho Calendar events to your native Android phone calendar app.

This can be very useful if you prefer using the native Android app, with it's calendar like UI, but use Zoho Calendar for group calendaring and scheduling and still need to see what's going on for work, for multiple calendars.

Zoho CalSync integrates Zoho Calendar with your Android calendar
Zoho CalSync integrates Zoho Calendar events with your native Android calendar

By: Andrew Wallace | March 02, 2017

Zoho Projects has been around for a while, but has undergone major changes since its release several years ago.

Recently Zoho rolled out an entire revamp for the award winning on;line project management software, with it's new 5.x version, complete with new interface and features.

Zoho Projects can be used to manage all kinds of projects in multiple industries, such as:

  • Construction projects
  • Architect / Design projects
  • Business develpment projects
  • Software projects
  • Website design/SEO projects
  • And many more...

For more information on Zoho Projects, click here.

Zoho Projects online project management app

By: Andrew Wallace | February 16, 2017

Zoho Subscriptions, the online recurring subscription management software from Zoho, now integrates with UK based GoCardless, to allow you to integrate and track direct debit subscription payments.

In fact, this integration is also available in Zoho Books (small business accounting software), Zoho Invoice (online invoicing software AND Zoho Inventory (online inventory management software).

Direct debit integration with Zoho Subscriptions

By: Andrew Wallace | February 15, 2017

Any small business can now accept online payments with the latest Zoho app, Zoho Checkout.

Zoho Checkout is small business online payment software that allows you to build payment forms to insert to your website, blog, even social media pages, that will aloow your customers to make payments online.

The software integrates to the popular payment gateways such as Stripe, WePay etc., and can help you to generate meaningful reports on all inbound full and even partial payments, so you know exactly how much revenue is coming into your business. PayPal integration is next, and will be released soon.

Zoho Checkout is great for small businesses who do not want to have to set up expensive and complicated payment integrations:

Find out more details, here...

By: Andrew Wallace | October 07, 2016

We thought we would announce this small but useful enhancement on Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice, not only because it is a useful function but because we like how it demonstrates how Zoho listen to their customers and take valuable feedback on board to improve their software. 

A customer of ours one day asked whether they could - instead of including lengthy terms and conditions in an invoice template - include them as an attachment on the email that send the invoice. 

Different terms and conditions, could be attached to different email templates, rather than trying to remember to attach them when sending the invoice. 

We suggested this to Zoho and within a week, they had introduced this enhancement. 

You are now able to add attachments to the email t...

By: Patty | October 04, 2016

I went on the train the other day on a business trip and was wondering how I can log my expenses on the go.

Then I remembered that we use Zoho Expense within our business. Problem solved!

Zoho expense allows you to add expenses such as travel, meals and other costs whilst your on the go, using your mobile device.

So, keen to capture all of the expenses for the day before forgetting them or losing the receipts, I used to Zoho Expense to log my expenses by snapping a picture of the receipt and logging the basic information including the expense amount and category and date.

And with that, zapped it in to the Cloud in just a few clicks!

All of the expense information is updated in the central database and can be accessed immediately by the accoun...

By: Andrew Wallace | August 17, 2016

In today's world we are only two familiar with all of the various channels that our customers may use to communicate with us about our products or services or when dealing with any one of our sales managers during the sales process as well as support / warranty periods. 

The result can be that there is a bewildering number of different channels that your team need to track in order to get a full understanding of the communications received from each lead or customer. For example, email, phone, social networks, chat, website enquiry forms, and many others. With the best intentions in the world, it can be extremely difficult to track all of these.

Zoho aim to reduce this clutter and consolidate all of these channels into Zoho CRM by introducing...

By: Andrew Wallace | July 19, 2016

Zoho Reports, which is the online BI (business intelligence) app from Zoho, is now integrated with their online accounting software, Zoho Books.

After the integration of Zoho Reports after Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, and also Zoho Recruit, Zoho Reports integration to Zoho Books is the next logical step in an all encompassing platform that provides users with a powerful platform to take their financial reporting to the next level.

Zoho Books to Zoho Reports integration
Zoho Books now integrates to Zoho Reports online BI platform

By: Andy | June 07, 2016

Zoho SalesIQ is a cloud based business app that can be used to track live visits to your business website.

So, with SalesIQ businesses can not only learn who is visiting and where they are from, what browser they are using, but also where they are going on the website, what pages interest them, what pages cause them to stop visiting, and so on.

It also provides functions for sales people to live chat with visitors, so you can better convert website visitors to leads in your CRM and eventually to sales and customers.

Check out the video below for a summary of Zoho SalesIQ:

By: Patty | February 15, 2016

Zoho are pleased to announce the new Zoho CRM mobile 3.0 for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android smartphones.

Here is a quick peak at the new functions that are available:

- Completely redesigned app with an enhanced look and feel. 

- Task and Event focussed home screen

- Access to inventory modules.
- Collaboration 'Feeds'.
- Check in function to log GPS coordinates for visits to customers. 

- And more!

We hope you will try it out for yourselves at the links below, or just access your iTunes or Google Play stores and search for 'Zoho CRM'.





If you have been trying the Beta version, please uninstall this bef...

By: Andrew Wallace | February 12, 2016

Did you know? 

A recent statistic from Zoho suggested that fewer than 25% of visitors to a website are actually ready to buy anything.

Certainly we would agree with this for certain types of websites as opposed to specifically e-commerce sites but what if this is true? 

How would you track and connect with these website visitors in real time, in order to convert them into actual sales?

Zoho SalesIQ is an app from Zoho that gives you the ability to track and importantly carry out meaningful interactions with people who are actively surfing your website.

How does it do this?

  • See representations of website visitors on your SalesIQ screen, watch them mov as they navigate through your site.
  • Have live chat conversations with website visitors, you can ev...

By: Andrew Wallace | February 02, 2016

Zoho Connect is a social business collaboration tool from Zoho that provides a familiar Facebook/Twitter style platform for your business to allow teams to collaborate and share ideas, share documents and information and generally keep updated on what's happening in the organisation.

Zoho Connect can be used as a wiki or intranet for your business, need it is even possible to embed Zoho wiki as one of the apps within your portal for a more traditional style of pushing information to teams.

With other cool features like chat and custom apps, Zoho Connect is a scaleable social business app that is useful for small, medium and large business alike.

Click here to

By: Andrew Wallace | December 14, 2015

You may or many not have noticed the new widgets in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books but we thought we would blog about them just in case as they can be quite useful!

Take a look at the top left of the screen now and you will see a couple of new icons, next to the Zoho logo:

New functions in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books accounting software

By: Andrew Wallace | November 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered how to make better use of your business website?

Is your business website just 'eye candy', or something you have set up 'because everyone else does'? 

Does your website really act as a marketing and lead capture tool?

Are you wondering how you can make your business website work harder for you?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" then you need to think about using Zoho SalesIQ, a real time website visitor tracking app, that allows you to monitor your website visitors as you sit at your desk, and importantly, measure how they behave and even interact with them via live chat.

This funky looking infographic from Zoho explains just how you can convert website visitors into paying customers:

Zoho SalesIQ - realtime website monitoring and sales conversion software
Zoho SalesIQ allows you to convert website visits into sales

By: Patty | November 17, 2015

In addition to the numerous free Zoho Apps such as:

Zoho Calendar

Zoho Sheet

Zoho Writer

And their free editions on their flagship products like:

Zoho CRM

Zoho Projects

Zoho Mail

Zoho have offered a few free business tools for anyone wishing to use them, without any need to register as a Zoho user:

Revenue Forecaster

Expense Report Template

Invoice Generator

Zoho - An Operating System for your Business

By: Andrew Wallace | November 08, 2015

Zoho have always been proud of their lifetime free editions of various software they offer, from Zoho CRM to Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Projects.

Now Zoho have released a few free, basic office tools related to accounting process flow:

Revenue Forecaster 

Expense Report Template

Invoice Generator

These free tools are good examples of how you can make use of Zoho’s free online collaboration & productivity tools to simplify and automate internal business processes, such as Zoho Sheet.

If you are ready to start using more powerful, purpose designed software for you business income and expense tracking as well as sales management and revenue forecasting, we would recommend the following popular Zoho business apps: